White bellied Woodstar

Chaetocercus mulsant

The White bellied Woodstar is a member of the Trochilidae family and is a small hummingbird that resembles large bumblebees in flight. This species is found in the Andes from Colombia to Bolivia. The male has an emerald green plumage with a white chest and belly, dark green sides, a purple throat, and a forked tail. The wings produce a distinct metallic whirring sound during flight. The female has a white throat, white eyeline, and buffy flanks. Both sexes have noticeable white patches on the sides of the lower back. Females may be difficult to distinguish from other woodstars, but their white belly patch is brighter and more well-defined with larger white patches on the lower back. This species can be found in various wooded habitats, scrub, and gardens in highlands ranging from 1,100-3,500 meters. They also visit feeders. You can spot the White-bellied Woodstar on our tours to the Manu National Park.

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo