white banded tyrannulet birds
white banded tyrannulet birds

White banded Tyrannulet

Mecocerculus stictopterus

The White-banded Tyrannulet is a small, active bird that belongs to the Tyrannidae family. Its appearance is not very bright, and it has a very thick white eyebrow, gleaming white wingbars, a medium-gray crown, and a brown back. This bird usually perches horizontally and flits actively in the canopy or subcanopy, often with a mixed-species flock. It can be found in subtropical and temperate forest and edges in the Andes from Venezuela to Bolivia, from around 2,300 to 3,300 m. It is larger than the White-tailed Tyrannulet and found at higher elevations. The White-tailed Tyrannulet can be distinguished by its narrower white eyebrow, off-white wingbars, and generally duller plumage. The White-banded Tyrannulet’s calls are scratchy and rising. You can spot this bird during our bird photography tours in the Manu National Park.

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo