Sparkling Violetear

Colibri coruscans

The Sparkling Violetear is a hummingbird in the Trochilidae family and has two subspecies, C. c. coruscans and C. c. germanus. It is a large and aggressive bird that usually dominates feeders or flower patches. The bird is sparkling green overall with purplish-blue patches on the cheeks and belly, and both sexes look alike. The Sparkling Violetear is larger than the Lesser Violetear, and the latter lacks the purple belly. This species is common and widespread in the Andes and can be found in open habitats such as forest edges, shrubby agricultural land, towns, and cities. It can be found at elevations ranging from 400-4,500 m, but is most commonly found in the subtropical zone up to high elevation scrub and dry valleys, and also wanders low into foothills. The Sparkling Violetear has an incessant song consisting of a never-ending series of metallic chip notes. You can observe this bird on our tours to the Manu National Park.

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo