Red crested Cotinga

Ampelion rubrocristatus

The Red-crested Cotinga is a plump gray bird belonging to the Cotingidae family. This bird is commonly seen perched on patches of trees from the temperate forest zone to above treeline in the Andes from Venezuela to Bolivia. Its plumage is not striking at first glance; both male and female birds are medium gray with a darker face, blackish wings, and a white band on the tail (visible only during flight). However, it has a distinctive red crest that is usually flat on the nape but can occasionally be raised into a spectacular splayed bouquet of feathers. This bird is typically seen alone or in pairs and prefers forested areas, but it can also be found in small patches of bushes and trees in agricultural areas. You can spot this bird during our tours in the Manu National Park.

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo