black faced brushfinch birds
black faced brushfinch birds

Black faced Brushfinch

Atlapetes melanolaemus

The Black-faced Brushfinch belongs to the Passerellidae family. It is a long-tailed, sparrow-like bird found in humid habitats along the Andes. This species has a dark gray face and upperparts, with dusky yellowish underparts and a rusty red crown. The Black-faced Brushfinch is told apart from other brushfinches in range by its combination of yellow belly and red crown. It is more brightly colored than the similar Olive Finch, which has an olive-yellow back.

It orages near the ground in montane forest and scrub within a wide elevational range. Listen for its simple whistled song and high, thin call notes. You can see it in our bird photography trips.

Source: ebird

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo