cover ecoturism
cover ecoturism

Travelling and performing outdoor activities while preserving environmental balance is what is known as ecotourism or nature tourism. It is a tourist way to perform tasks within a natural environment without adversely affecting its elements. So, if you are going on a birding tour in Peru and are wondering: what is ecotourism and why is it important? This guide for you!

What is ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a tourist typology that consists of performing recreational activities in natural areas with an environmental sustainability approach. It is characterized by being environmentally friendly and promoting ecological actions.

It is a responsible type of journey that not only preserves the green areas of the place, but promotes its ecological development, improving the well-being of the population and the biodiversity of the area. Although nature tourism emerged at the end of 1980, being a relatively early institution, is the most growing tourist class worldwide in recent years.

Why is ecotourism important?

The importance of ecotourism lies in the conservation and development of the green areas of a particular tourist destination. It allows activities without affecting the elements that make up a tourist area, in addition to promoting ecological programs to help improve the biological community.

The ecological balance of many natural areas depends essentially on their economic growth, which are mainly driven by ecotourism, which indicates the great relevance in its mission to preserve the biodiversity of different tourist destinations.

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Ecotourism activities

ecoturism activities
  • Observe the flora and fauna: It consists of contemplating the variety of living beings on the tourist place, including animal species and the diversity of plants that inhabit that area.
  • Photograph animals and plants: Photography is an action that does not bother or cause harm to living beings, which encourages users to practice this activity in nature tourism, even if they are not experts in photography.
  • Participate in flora and fauna rescue programs: These programs aim to prevent, mitigate or correct the negative effects that can, or have affected the tourist area.
  • Go hiking: It consists of walking through forest trails, mountains and any natural environment to discover the virtues that this area has. It is the activity that seeks to bring people closer to the natural environments of the tourist product.
  • Explore by bike: It is about exploring natural areas using bicycles, which are environmentally friendly and serve to travel medium and long distances.
  • Participate in reforestation programmes in selected areas: Reforestation programmes are key to curbing desertification, combating climate change, and also they are a way of learning to respect nature.

Characteristics of ecotourism

  • Ethical tourism: Ecotourism defines itself as a type of ethical tourism.
  • Respect for and conservation of the environment: It is based entirely on respect for and conservation of nature.
  • Ecological actions: It promotes activities that are beneficial to the environment.
  • Environmental education: It instructs tourists on the most elementary topics to acquire ecological values, knowledge and skills.
  • Friendliness with the local populations: Courtesy and respect not only goes to the environment, but also to the locals.

Advantages of ecotourism

advantage ecoturism
  • Promotes the conservation of biodiversity.
  • Requires few non-renewable resources to carry out these activities, and encourages the use of renewable resources.
  • Increases environmental education of those involved.
  • Raises environmental awareness.
  • Increases the ecological culture.
  • Inspires respect for local populations
  • Grants positive experiences to tourists and locals.
  • Generates an economy around the tourist area, providing them with capital and money to carry out environmental conservation operations and tourism growth.
  • Offers a different approach to minimize environmental impact.

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Types of ecotourism

Depending on the approach you want to give, there are several ways to do ecotourism. There are those who classify it according to the effort you need to make and others prefer to do so according to the type of activity.

Depending on the effort you have to make to enjoy these activities, there is:

  • Soft ecotourism: It is a relaxation tourism in which you enjoy nature with undemanding activities. 
  • Strong ecotourism: It includes high-risk activities with full exposure to the elements and tackle difficult journeys, for example trekking.

So far we have answered the question: what is ecotourism? Ecotourism as an alternative on holiday offers you wonderful places where you can disconnect from your daily routines, while coming into contact with nature. Remember that the practice of this type of tourism implies a respectful attitude towards nature and the people who inhabit the places you are going to visit.

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