Toucan Barbet - Photography tours Chocó
Toucan Barbet - Photography tours Chocó

Toucan Barbet

Semnornis ramphastinus

The Toucan Barbet is a magnificent bird commonly found in pairs in the forest canopy of northwestern Ecuador and western Colombia. It has a gray throat, black cap, red breast and belly, and a thick white stripe behind the eye, while its stout bill is tipped with black and is yellow in color. It is unique in its range and feeds on large insects and fruits, and can often be spotted visiting feeders. The bird is frequently seen in mixed-species flocks and its characteristic duet song is a well-known sound in the region, with the male and female simultaneously producing a long series of nasal toots at slightly different pitch and pace.

This species can be observed during our bird photography trips in Chocó Andino in Ecuador.