spectacled redstart birds
spectacled redstart birds

Spectacled Redstart

Myioborus melanocephalus

The Spectacled Redstart is a bird belonging to the Parulidae family. It can be found in the cloud forest and stunted treeline forest of the Andes, from southern Colombia to Bolivia. This bird is often seen in mixed-species flocks and has a slaty-gray upper body and yellow underparts. It is easily recognizable by its bold yellow spectacles. The color of its crown varies depending on its location; the northern half has a rufous crown, while the southern half has a solid black crown. In some areas, like northern Ecuador and southern Colombia, it has a yellow forehead. It actively forages along branches and often spreads its tail to expose its white outer tail feathers. You can spot this bird, also known as Myioborus melanocephalus, on our tours in the Manu National Park.

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo