Masked Trogon

Trogon personatus

Masked Trogon belongs to the Trogonidae family. Average red-bellied trogon of subtropical forests. Male is iridescent green on breast, head, and back; female is brown. Namesake dark mask is usually obvious, especially on females. Nearly identical to Collared Trogon but very little overlap; Masked is almost always found at higher elevations. Where both are possible, look especially at tail pattern on males: large white tips on underside of tail feathers, otherwise dark with very fine white barring. On females, look for evenly barred undertail with large white tips combined with contrasting black face. Usually found singly or in pairs, perched quietly from the understory to the subcanopy. Listen for slow series of 3–6 descending whistles. You can find it in our tours in the Manu National Park.

Source: ebird

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo