Masked Flowerpiercer

Diglossa cyanea

Masked Flowerpiercer belongs to the Thraupidae family. Fairly large flowerpiercer, almost all blue with black mask and red eye. Bill is upturned with a hook at the tip, typical of a flowerpiercer. Sexes alike. Fairly active like a warbler or small tanager, often following a mixed-species flock but sometimes foraging separately. Could be confused with Blue-and-black Tanager but note bill shape and blue (not black) wings. Separated from other flowerpiercers by bright blue color combined with black mask. Quite common and widespread in the Andes from Venezuela to Bolivia, usually above 2,000 m. Feeds on fruit, nectar, and insects. You can find it in our tours in the Manu National Park.

Source: ebird

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo