Long billed Starthroat

Heliomaster longirostris

The Long-billed Starthroat is a large hummingbird found in humid evergreen forests and edges in tropical lowlands, although it is not very common. It feeds mainly in the canopy, but can also be seen hawking for insects over clearings and streams with jerky flycatching sallies.

It is recognizable by its very long and straight bill, dark throat bordered by a broad whitish mustache, turquoise crown, and a white patch above the rump. The male and female have similar appearances, but immature birds lack the adult’s red throat color and may appear blackish. Additionally, the Long-billed Starthroat has a white spot behind the eye, unlike the Plain-capped Starthroat, which has a whitish stripe, and it has greenish, not dusky, sides. You can observe this bird on our bird photography trips in the Manu National Park.

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo