great thrush bird
great thrush bird

Great Thrush

Turdus fuscater

Great Thrush belongs to the Turdidae family. True to its name, Great Thrush is noticeably large, almost recalling a jay rather than a thrush. Brown overall, varying across range from dark blackish to paler grayish-brown. Note orange bill and legs and yellow eyering (males only). Common and conspicuous in highlands from 2,000–4,000 m. Found in open habitats including forest edges, gardens, towns, and cities, where it is often bold and easy to see. Compare with Chiguanco Thrush, which overlaps in some areas. Great Thrush is larger, darker, and males have yellow eyering. You can find it in our tours in the Manu National Park.

Source: ebird

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo