golden headed quetzal birds
golden headed quetzal birds

Golden headed Quetzal

Pharomachrus auriceps

The Golden-headed Quetzal is a large bird belonging to the Trogonidae family. Its upper body is a shimmering emerald green color, while its belly is red. The male has a noticeable golden sheen on its head and a yellow bill, while the female has a brown head, a duller brownish chest, and bill. This bird can be distinguished from the similar Crested Quetzal by its entirely dark tail and dark eye. It is found in forests and edges in subtropical zones and tends to perch in the subcanopy. It is often seen near fruiting trees either alone or in pairs, sometimes with several birds gathering at a food source. Its song is a repeated mournful sound that sounds like “go home, go home, go home.” You can observe this bird on tours to the Manu National Park.

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo