blue yellow tanager birds
blue yellow tanager birds

Blue and yellow Tanager

Rauenia bonariensis

The Blue and Yellow Tanager is a Thraupidae family bird that can be found in a range of semiopen and lightly wooded habitats, primarily in drier areas of the Andes and across the lowlands from northern Argentina to southern Brazil. This bird is typically observed in pairs or small groups, rather than mixed-species flocks, and can be seen foraging for food at various heights in shrubs and trees.

The male Blue and Yellow Tanager is known for its vibrant blue head and yellow underparts and rump, while its back is greenish in Chile and northern parts of the Andes up to Ecuador but black in eastern lowlands. On the other hand, the female is relatively dull in color and can be identified by her stout bill and the presence of a male. To spot this beautiful bird, you can join our birding tours in the Manu Reserved Zone.

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo