black throated flowerpiercer birds
black throated flowerpiercer birds

Black throated Flowerpiercer

Diglossa brunneiventris

The Black throated Flowerpiercer belongs to the Thraupidae family. It is sharply dressed flowerpiercer with two disjunct populations: one found throughout much of Peru into northern Bolivia, the other isolated in northern Colombia.

This species looks mostly dark with black upperparts and chestnut belly. It also has a contrasting chestnut mustache stripe on otherwise black head, and silvery sides and shoulders. It is found singly or in pairs, usually foraging in low scrubby vegetation at forest edge or in gardens. The Black throated Flowerpiercer often frequents relatively dry habitats that are not fully forested. You can see it on our bird photography tours in the Manu Reserved Zone

Source: ebird

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo