Amazonian Antpitta

Hylopezus berlepschi

Amazonian Antpitta belongs to the Grallariidae family.This kind of bird lives in the lowland secondary rain forest. The typical antpitta shape includes long legs, almost no tail, and a plump body. When we talk about its colors, we can say that the Amazon Anttpitta has light brown above, white with diffuse brown streaking below, and a tawny wash on the face and breast.

This species is lighter and more orangey than the similar Thrush-like Antpitta, which prefers more mature forest habitat. Moreover, it does not have a strong facial pattern like other lowland antpittas. Even if it is secretive and difficult to see; you listen to its song, a series of 3-5 loud “coop” notes”. You can enjoy it on Manu National Park trips.

Source: ebird

Photo: Alfredo Cornejo